Dienstag, Januar 19, 2016

A dog like Sophie Scholl

Sophie Scholl, member of the resistance group Weisse Rose against the Nazi-Regime under Adolf Hitler, had letter-conversation with her boy-friend, officer of the nazi-wehrmacht during WW2. She used and criticised him, and he on his side was thankfull for the human warmth she and her family gave to him during his front-hollidays and at the front in the war. Easy to imagine it was a difficult relationship. In their letter conversation he once compared the warmth Sophie gives to him with that what his german shepherd dog gives to him. We all know the end of that story: Sophie was brutally divorced from her head, because she published her own critical opinion, instead her wehrmacht officer survived the war, married a sister of Sophie and lived a long and prosperous live in a new Germany. What is the punchline? Maybe: if You can configure it, be the dog of an important member of the wehrmacht, or be the officer.